Simplicity becomes matter and takes shape in new objects with curved, round, sensual and essential shapes. The hallmark of Simone Micheli’s signature. 

The capsule collection designed by Simone Micheli for LYXO is conceived to find space in architectural systems for exteriors and interiors. Conceived with the desire to be adventure companions for a thousand possible tales. Conceived to become icons with a strong communicative meaning. 

Il risultato è una combinazione di idee, una collezione razionale che guarda oltre il semplice design di prodotto. Il Design non è mai fine a sé stesso, ma sempre utile e funzionale, caratterizzato da forte identità e unicità, capace di adattarsi ad ogni tipologia di living.

The result is a rational collection that goes beyond simple product design. The design that is never for its own sake, but always useful and functional, characterized by a strong identity and uniqueness, capable of adapting to any type of living room. 

We want to redefine the concept of design, because we believe in a rational, functional and accessible beauty.