For the second year in a row, LYXO is part of Hotel Regeneration, the largest and most exciting exhibition / agora dedicated to the Fuorisalone contract. The architect Simone Micheli signs this innovative concept which intends to offer its visitor an inclusive, 360-degree experience.

12,000 visitors filled and interacted with this innovative container, made even more alive and dynamic thanks to events, performances and meetings with the major operators in the hospitality, contract and real estate sectors took part.

Hospitality, smart technology and avant-garde design come together to create a happening of great expressive and content value, where the environments that usually make up the hotel take on unexpected forms, based on the changing needs of the contemporary man and aimed at favoring the interaction, information exchange, hybridization of functions.

An occasion to meet the capsule collection by Simone Micheli. A collection where simplicity becomes matter and is shaped by the new objects characterized by curve, round, sensual, essential shapes.

A sofa, an armchair, a pouf, a divider wall, a bed, a table and a chair. A rational collection that goes beyond simple product design. A design that is never for its own sake, but always useful and functional, very distinctive design with a strong identity and uniqueness, capable of adapting to any type of living room.

photo: Simon Fiorentino | video: LYXO